Rehoming agreement

To acquire a greyhound through Hounds 4 Homes Inc. you must agree to the following:

  1. If you should ever decide you cannot keep the greyhound, you cannot give, sell, or take the greyhound to any other person or organisation, including any dog pound or shelter, without first discussing this with Hounds 4 Homes. We will attempt to provide you with reasonable advice and support.
  2. You will release the greyhound to Hounds 4 Homes if, at any time, you are asked to do so by them, because of your violation of this agreement, making no charge for its upkeep, or for any other reason.
  3. You will not hold Hounds 4 Homes responsible for any illness of the greyhound, nor for any damages that it may inflict on any person or property.
  4. You will allow a Hounds 4 Homes representative to follow up with telephone calls and / or house visits.
  5. You will never hit, bully, or isolate the greyhound. You will contact Hounds 4 Homes should you have any behavioural or disciplinary issues with the greyhound.
  6. The greyhound must live inside the house.
  7. You will always keep the greyhound on a leash whenever it is outdoors, unless it is in a completely secure area.
  8. The greyhound must never be tied or chained to anything, or transported in the open bed of a vehicle.
  9. The greyhound will be kept only as a house pet. It will never used for racing, breeding, hunting, or laboratory research.
  10. You will have the greyhound examined yearly by a licensed veterinarian and provided with additional veterinary care as and when needed.
  11. You will notify Hounds 4 Homes, the SPCA and your Council’s Dog Control if the greyhound should become lost, and again, if found. We will attempt to provide you with reasonable advice and support.
  12. You will notify Hounds 4 Homes should the greyhound die.