Initial questions

Questions that you may like to ask yourself when thinking of adopting a greyhound ...

About you

  • Are there any children in the house? What are the ages of the children?
  • Does everyone in the household want to adopt a greyhound?
  • What is the activity level of your household (e.g., quiet / moderate / active)?
  • What is the noise level of your household (e.g., quiet / moderate / noisy)?
  • Are there any family members with special needs, medical conditions or allergies who might be affected by bringing a greyhound into the house?
  • Will you be able to spend most of the greyhound's first few days at the house to help it adjust?
  • Greyhounds can live for 12 to 15 years. Have you considered the financial implications of adopting one?
  • Are you able to offer a greyhound a stable routine?
  • Taking into consideration such things as work, shopping and so on, what would be the longest period of time that the greyhound would be alone on a day to day basis?
  • How would you cope with holiday periods?
  • Do you anticipate any major changes in the next year or two (e.g., retirement, moving, new job, long holidays or schedule change)?
  • What reasons do you consider valid for giving up a pet?

About you and your house

  • What type of property do you live in? Is it suitable for a greyhound?
  • If you rent your house, do you have permission from the landlord to have a dog living with you?
  • Does the property have a garden? Is the garden well fenced? How high is the fence?
  • Where do your current pets spend their days?
  • Where will the greyhound live and sleep?
  • How much exercise will the greyhound receive every day?
  • When would you be ready to take your greyhound home?

About your pets and any other animals

  • Are there any other pets in the household?
  • Have you previously owned any dogs?
  • What training methods do you prefer?
  • Do you appreciate the work that might be required to help the greyhound learn to live with your other animals?

About your preferred greyhound

  • Why would you choose to share your life with a greyhound rather than another type of dog?
  • Do you have a sex preference?
  • Do you have an age preference?
  • What type of temperament would you prefer your dog to have (e.g., active / shy / quiet / playful / affectionate / independent / outgoing / watchdog / enthusiastic)?