About greyhounds

A few things you may like to know ...

  • Greyhounds have lived closely with people for hundreds of years and are good companions.
  • Greyhounds are sight hounds and can pick up movement up to one kilometre away.
  • Greyhounds enjoy going on trips and usually make excellent travelers.
  • Greyhounds have low body fat and high muscle bulk and need special anesthetic for an operation.
  • From a standing start greyhounds can reach speeds of almost seventy kilometres per hour within half a dozen strides.
  • Greyhounds do not require a great deal of exercise - a moderate thirty minute walk and a run around the garden a couple of times a day is usually sufficient.
  • Greyhounds have larger hearts, higher blood pressure and more red blood cells than other dogs and should never carry excess weight.
  • A greyhound can pump its entire body weight in blood around its body within a minute.
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