Zephyr, Ollie and Jackie

Zephyr has been with us for about three years now. She was six years old when she came to live with us. We had an old cat, Sam. We were a bit worried they wouldn't get on but Sam was used to dogs and Zephyr is very gentle so they got along great, sometimes they even slept together on the same beanie.

Zephyr and Ollie

Zephyr suits her name; a soft gentle breeze. She was so funny on her first few weeks home. She would pinch toys from our six year old's room and take them back to her beanie bed and sit surrounded by teddy bears and dolls. She didn't chew them up, just liked them on and around her bed. It looked very cute.

Zephyr is still as playful as a puppy, she likes throwing her toys in the air and pouncing on them. It also provides great entertainment for us to watch. Zephyr is just the best dog. We have fostered three dogs and she's been great with all of them.

We also have another adopted greyhound: the infamous `Golden Boy', now named `Ollie'. He's a great boy and still has a few issues that we've been working on. After the first few interesting weeks and a trial new home that sadly didn't work out for either party, Ollie came back to us to stay. So now he and Zephyr are best mates ... Fellow sunbathers and lounge lizards.

Ollie did not come from Hounds 4 Homes, he's a `pound puppy', so we are not sure of his background ... He may have had quite a hard life which is probably the cause of his `issues', but he's still a great dog. 


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