We first met Wugs (Rudi Jewel, Corey, Wuggles) at about the time that we adopted T.B.. At the time, he was 18 months or two years old. It was the beginning of his racing, but already his trainer was thinking of his future – it was clear to him that Wugs would make a splendid pet.


Jo and I were asked if we might be interested in adopting him when it came time for Wugs to retire. Having taken a good look at him, and trusting her judgment, Jo gladly said `Yes'. What we hadn't anticipated, though, was how long we would have to wait until Wugs was ready for us.

Wugs is a solid, strong dog and he just kept running. The trouble was that although he had his off patches, he never really developed any niggling injuries, and never really slowed down. All things going well, greyhounds usually retire close to their fourth birthday. Wugs was still competing when he was five. He had always been, it seems, in his element ... though his time did come.

Over three years after Jo had agreed to take Wugs into our house, we received a call from his trainer. At five and a quarter years, and at over 120 starts, Wugs had developed a sore toe. It was time for him to leave the track. Naturally, we were still keen so within two weeks he was living with us, together with some of his former friends. A new life had begun for him, and although we hadn't anticipated it, for all the other dogs in the household.

The thing about Wugs is that just as he always worked hard on the track, around the house he has always worked hard at making, and keeping, friends. He really enjoys playing and the other dogs find him great fun. He is engaging and they trust him. Before he arrived, our other dogs played, but not all that much. After his arrival, they all seem to have developed a great sense of fun, even T.B. (the quiet, shy one). So there you go, everyone thinks it was well worth the wait ...


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