Tiger, Nick and Amy

With a very busy work life and schedule we needed a low maintenance dog that would fit around our lives....some said this was impossible...but then we met Tiger.


Tiger’s only lived with us for four weeks and already we couldn’t imagine our lives without him. He is loving, caring and protective of us. He loves his new best friend Ruffles the cat and his feelings get hurt when Ruffles growls at him.

He gets excited to go on his walks but once out in the big world is content to placidly walk along beside us. He can’t take too much exercise and after 5 laps of running around our back yard is extremely tired and needs to come inside for a lie down. He loves cuddles and will sit for hours while our niece and nephew shower him with attention.

He spends the day inside while we’re at work and it’s never a problem as long as he has his teddy and duck to keep him company.

Tiger is a dog with a massive heart that would do anything to please us. We’re so happy that we took a chance on him because he’s already paid us back tenfold.

Hounds for Homes have been so supportive and helped us to get Tiger settled in; we’d like to say a special thank you to Jo and Richard for their help and advice.


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