Sassy and Susan

I lost my dalmatian early last year and subsequently started to look through 'Trade Me dogs' for another companion.


I needed a 'free' dog and it had to be a dog needing to be re-homed.

I didn't want a small dog, a long haired dog, an aggressive type dog, a working type dog or a puppy.

I scanned the list of available dogs for some time but just couldn't find the 'right' dog for me until up popped some ex-racing greyhounds from a charity called 'Hounds 4 Homes'.

I'd never considered a greyhound but i looked them up on the internet and they definitely 'ticked all my boxes'.

I spent heaps of time talking to Hounds 4 Homes who suggested 'Spazzy', as she was called then, might be just what I was looking for. She is calm, quiet, affectionate, clean, walks brilliantly on her lead and was in need of a kind and loving new home.

When I met Spazzy I renamed her Sassy as she is definitely not Spazzy at all except when she does her run around the house (her new race-track???) or plays with a rugby ball which always confuses her as it bounces every which way LOL!

She has learned to play, and dig in her special spot in the garden (one of her favorite pastimes). She also likes to help pick runner beans and dig up potatoes and pick peas (for which she is rewarded with a few!).

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but she has learnt her new name and 'kisses' her food bowl for it to be put on her mat. She has a passion for dry toast which I cut up in to squares and feed her one at a time - each time she is ready for the next piece she 'kisses' the plate!

She's a wonderful dog and I have absolutely no regrets at all that she has come to me.

One thing I would like to say is that I could not afford to adopt a dog costing money so many thanks to Hounds 4 Homes. Also I would like to thank PEDIGREE for supplying the money for Sassy to be de-sexed - very important and much appreciated!

Thanks to all for my wonderful new companion!

Susan Hay 


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