Marko, Steve and Andrea

Marko is settling in beautifully. The only inconvenience to his new blissful life is that we are still insisting on the crate. Marko would much prefer a prime spot on the lounge floor (or the couch if we´re not looking). All the same, he settles once he is inside and loses interest in what we are nibbling on at the other side of the room.


Last week we built up slowly to leaving him at home during the working day (broken up with quick visits at lunch time so he can practise his helicopter impersonations in the backyard). By Thursday morning Marko had caught on to what was happening and decided that jumping on dad when he was in bed and refusing to move might put a spanner in the works. When he was told 'no' he tried to go all cute and attempted to blend in with the blankets. Unfortunately they aren't white or red so he was made to roll off the bed.

I bought him a fluffy toy (a lion) from the Warehouse last weekend because I read that Tiger had two toys for company when he was alone except when Marko was left alone with Lion for 2 hours I came back to find Lion had magically dispersed in many directions. Lion has undergone extensive surgery and after being restuffed and having his foot amputated keeps Marko company under our supervision. We are currently shopping for something a bit more resilient to entertain him during the day when he is alone.

This weekend we purchased a 'dog house' from Brian. It is currently sitting at the top of our driveway. Our next master plan is to figure out how we'll get it into the back yard!!! Either clever dismantling or a crane will do! Brian has made it so it collapses - it just requires a few bolts being removed. Steve also visited Graham to get a new muzzle (one of those wet and fix types) and coat for Marko, as well as a huge bag of biscuits that now dominates our wash house (much to Marko's interest). Graham was kind enough to show us around his place. He has invited us to bring Marko back for a proper Greyhound bath experience in one of those amazing tubs. We also researched his runs to see how we can build one around Marko's dog house over the next week (once the kennel has done an Olympic run and leap over the fence for us!)

Overall, life is quite exciting for Marko: whether he is sneaking into the spare room to lick the closed drawer where the schmackos are hidden, discovering shampoo containers, sneaking the purple cushions off mum and dad´s bed or solving the mystery of HOW does that rubbish bin open (before someone realises I´m in the kitchen!) - he is quite a busy (and handsome) hound!


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