Fay, Louie and Babette

Morning Louie!

Fay, Louie and Babette

One gleeful leap from the doorway and Louie artfully lands on the bed within inches of my pillow and me! Within seconds Babette appears from nowhere. She parades round Louie past his nose and back again so that he may truly enjoy that very special perfume named ‘Siamese’ from nose to tail. Louie circles and circles on the spot until just the ‘right’ spot to drop down and snuggle into the blankets, as he too is part cat. Loudly, purring, Babette settles down beside him and on top of me. Pure contentment all three of us warm and snug ......... and so we begin each day with our little piece of heaven.

7yr old blue ex racer rehomed greyhound Louie has lived with us for five years now. He is a true delight and the perfect companion for me and my lifestyle. H4Hs found me my perfect match!


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