Dave, Erin, Waffler and BJ

I own a small unit that has a small back yard. When I decided I was going to get a dog I researched what breeds did best in apartments (figuring they'd love the extra back yard). The most common recommendations were for mastiffs and greyhounds! I'd never considered a greyhound before as I assumed they'd need a lot of exercise. The more I looked into it, though, the more it made sense. I tagged along on one of the Hounds 4 Homes walks and was enchanted with how elegant the greyhounds were. A couple of weeks later the greyhound Jo had matched for me, Waffler, moved in.



Waffler was the first dog I'd ever owned, and I was the first human he'd ever owned - so there was a period of adjustment we both went through. I quickly learned to keep anything food-related (including glad wrap) well out of doggy reach. We bonded quickly, and his independent nature, quirky sense of humour, and inquisitive behaviour made him heaps of human friends. How many dogs sing along to Radiohead or talk to themselves late at night? These days I'm frequently introduced to strangers as 'Waffler's Dad'.



When my partner, Erin, moved in, we decided we should get another greyhound to keep Waffler company during the day. Jo again found the perfect dog - BJ. He's a giant greyhound with the most incredible amber eyes. Although you might expect a racing greyhound to be independent, BJ adores human contact. He's happiest when he's snuggled up beside someone. It's impossible to have a bad day around him - he'll notice you're stressed, jump up beside you and hug you until you're feeling better. Waffler's come on leaps and bounds since we adopted BJ as well - he's taken to the role of being a 'big brother' and as a consequence BJ's settlement period was much shorter than Waffler's. Watching the two of them interact has definitely improved our relationship with both of them.


Waffler and BJ

There are some drawbacks to having greyhounds - we can't let either of them off leash in public as their prey drive is high - and they'd chase a cat or hedgehog over the road, irrespective of traffic. They can be obstinate and don't understand the game 'fetch'. But they're the best friends we could imagine having - they don't require much in terms of daily exercise (we go for a 30 minute walk each day), don't eat much given their size, both have senses of humour and different personalities, don't shed as much as other dogs, and they keep themselves pretty clean. All they really want is to be involved in your life.


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