Bel and Lindsay

Bel, (nee Aloha nee Julinsky), has been here on the property for a year now and as you can see from the pictures is truly settled into her new lifestyle.


There's been a few hiccups such as having to show her what steps are and then how not to leap up and down the outside slippery ones, how not to tear into the bush at full speed and rip off a claw, that the flat, shiny, salty stuff next to the beach is actually the harbour and doesn't hold up a running dog, that possums aren't as user friendly as her Teddy.

Bel takes everything, literally, in her stride. She's won the hearts of family, neighbours and friends. She delights in walking beautifully on the lead when we venture into the local town, parading her svelte blackness in front of all the yappy uncontrolled 'town' dogs.

She is a great companion and has totally converted me to the joys of Greyhound ownership.

My only regret is that at the moment I'm unable to re-home another longdog as a playmate for her, well two regrets really... I would have liked to have known what wonderful dogs these are years ago!



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